PCB Silkscreen Back

Yesterday afternoon there was a knock at the door of Spectacle Labs Towers, and the postie handed over a small brown box containing the first ever official Spectacle Labs PCBs. In the end the boards were ordered from the nice folks at Seeed Studio, as they have a great reputation and are really open-source friendly.

The ordering process went very smoothly. I was a little bit worried about the Gerbers generated by KiCAD as the Seeed website only provides instructions for Eagle, and the 0.6mm vias in the design push the stated manufacturing tolerances pretty close. Neither of these caused any problems though, and two weeks after ordering the boards were in my hand.

To the naked eye the quality of the boards looks pretty decent - the silkscreen and soldermask layers are fairly well aligned, the vias are tented where they should be, and the boards have been cut neatly. Next week I'll be assembling a couple of the boards and testing them out. Until then, heres a couple more photos of the boards as they arrived, and after unwrapping.

The packaged PCBs

PCB Front