Stuff We Love - Sick of Beige

When Spectacle Labs makes its first million, I will be able to do two important things. One is afford to eat less lentils, and the other is to put some cheques in the post to the awesome open-source projects which are helping make Spectacle Labs a reality. Sadly whilst I'm still living on lentils and cups of tea the best I can manage is a a series of blog posts shouting about why the projects are so great.

First up is Dangerous Prototypes' Sick of Beige, described by Ian from DP in the video above. Now standards are kind of dull right? And I'm not going to convince anyone that the size of circuit boards is a fascinating topic of conversation. So why is a PCB sizing standard in the list of stuff we love? Three big reasons:

  1. Blank slates are bad: There is something incredibly dispiriting about seeing a whole bunch of components which need laying out. Having a fixed PCB size to aim at somehow makes the whole thing seem much more achievable.
  2. Project boxes are bad: Seriously, go to website of any enclosure manufacturer. Feeling inspired to make something? Thought not.
  3. Making things fit in project boxes is bad: The board is too big. Or too small. You need to drill holes for standoffs. Or get something custom made. Putting something in a box has never been so difficult.

For those three reasons we love Sick of Beige, and until I develop a competing standard it will be used in everything we make.

Standards from xkcd